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Divorce Party Gifts for Her

We all have a readymade list in our heads of appropriate gifts for weddings, Mother’s day, and Valentine’s day – but what about divorce parties? This isn’t an event many of us are accustomed to attending. If a female friend has invited you to her gathering, you’re probably wondering what the best divorce party gifts for her could be.

You could opt for practical gifts (perfect for “Divorce Showers”), something fun, or clubbing together with friends to afford a special, big-ticket item. Here are our favorite gift ideas.

Practical Items

Considering household items are common wedding gifts, they might seem like a strange or even cruel present for a newly-single gal. But when you think about it, this idea makes perfect sense. After a divorce, former spouses have to split everything – it’s common for household essentials to disappear.

When divorces turn sour, ex-partners sometimes take the most inconvenient items possible, like light bulbs.

What better way to calm the situation than to throw a Divorce Shower? In this special event, guests gift the divorcee with the practical household items they might have lost. Here are some ideas.


Sheets and towels

Sheets and towels might not be as exciting as gold jewelry, but if we could only pick one, we know which we’d choose.

Make sure your friend’s linen cupboard is fully stocked. If she’s going to be sleeping alone, she may as well sleep in luxury!


Kitchen appliances

Divorces are messy enough without having to fight your ground for that beloved coffee maker, milk whisker, or whatever other kitchen accessories you can’t live without.

Restocking your friend’s kitchen – and maybe even gifting her with some new additions – is sure to go down well.



We hate to impose gender norms, but it’s almost always the man who takes the toolbox with him after a breakup. What is your friend supposed to do next time a doorknob falls off now?

Set her up to be a DIY goddess by gifting her with a comprehensive toolbox, that’s what!


Pick up a colored plastic box and fill it with every useful tool under the sun. Screwdrivers, nails, screws, a hammer, a drill – you get the idea. If you want to give your gift an extra feminine touch, check out DIYVA for a toolkit that screams “girl power.”


Fun Divorce Gift Ideas

Practicality is great, but it’s way more fun to gift somebody a funny novelty item than a towel. Below are some present ideas that will fill you both with good spirits.


Body-Shaped Pillow

Help your friend get through the lonely nights alone with a body-shaped pillow. They’re available from many home stores, like Pottery Barn.


Divorce Blanket

What’s a divorce blanket, you ask? Basically, the newly-divorced equivalent of a baby blanket – something to give comfort to the owner.

To make it extra special, buy a personalized blanket (available from Things Remembered) and fill it with thoughtful messages from loved ones.


Inflatable Man or Woman

No, we’re not talking about sex dolls. To give the party girl in question a giggle, gift them a (fully dressed) blow-up doll. You can buy them from Chocolate Fantasies.

Or, go one step further and buy a 12” doll, known as the Perfect Man or the Perfect Woman. These dolls are programmed to whisper sweet nothings to their owners, just like the ideal partner but with none of the complications. It might be slightly creepy to some, but maybe it’s just what your friend needs.


Colorful Light Bulbs

They say that it’s wrong to look at life through rose-tinted glasses, but there’s no harm in setting up some pink lights in your home. It’s a great way to feel seventeen again and bask in the warm, flattering light.

Of course, they don’t have to be pink – go for whatever your friend’s favorite color is.


Dancing Lessons

Did your friend always want to learn the tango, salsa, or another dance, but never got the chance? Now is the perfect opportunity! Learning a new skill is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and gain more confidence.


Voodoo Doll

Did this list just take a dark turn? Maybe slightly, but we’re only suggesting you to a voodoo doll as a joke (wink wink).

This can make for hilarious entertainment at the party – but you might need to stage an intervention if the fun becomes a compulsive activity in your friend’s life!


Fluffy Socks

Short on money? You don’t need to spend a fortune on a divorce partyOpens in a new tab. present. A pair of warm bed socks is a simple but thoughtful way to show you care.


Teddy Bear

Another low-budget gift is a teddy bear. Whether we admit it or not, nobody can resist a cute stuffed animal! Visit Just Teddy Bears to find the perfect toy.


A Puppy

A dog is for life and not just for a divorce partyOpens in a new tab. – but if anyone has a surplus of love, it’s a woman who is newly single. We don’t recommend you buy your friend a puppy unless it’s something you know she wants and will look after, but dog walking can be the perfect place to meet new people.


Membership to a Dating Site

It might not be ideal to jump straight back into a serious relationship a few days after filing for divorce, but there’s nothing wrong with a fun fling or rebound. Easing back into the dating game can help rekindle confidence and teach us what we want.

Just make sure you choose a reputable website.


Group Divorce Gift Ideas

The fun and practical gift ideas outlined above are great options, but maybe you want to think big. If you’re organized and have a cooperative group of friends or guests, why not organize for everyone to club together for a big-ticket item?

This way, you can get your friend something extraordinary.


Bedroom Makeover

Out of all the rooms in a house that might leave bittersweet memories of a relationship, nothing quite compares to the bedroom. Get rid of the ghosts in the closet and the bad memories with a complete revamp.

You and other divorce party guests can work together to delegate jobs. One person can repaint the walls, another can fit a new carpet, somebody else can handle the interior design – you get the idea.


New Underwear

Most people don’t feel at their most beautiful and sensual after a divorce. Kit your friend out with luxurious lingerie – there’s nothing quite like matching underwear to make someone feel like they have their life together.


In a similar vein, get the party host feeling like a new woman with a full makeover. Of course, you love her for who she is now, but getting a new look can play an important role in making a fresh start in life. It can also be a lovely, pampering experience if you go to a spa or salon.

Of course, the last thing you want is to make your friend feel like you’re giving her a hint that she’s unattractive. Make it clear that this is all about changing how she feels – not how she looks.


Dental Cosmetics

If your friend has never even hinted at any dissatisfaction with her teeth and you suddenly buy her an appointment for veneers, she might take it as an insult. Don’t make this expensive mistake!

But if she’s expressed insecurity about her smile for a while, this sweet gesture will show you listen and boost her confidence.


Delivered Meals

Carrying on with life as usual after a breakup can be tough. One of the many shocks is cooking for one person instead of two – luckily, this is something you can help out with.

Organizing delivery meals to your friend’s house for a month or two will take a weight off her shoulders and ensure she continues to eat a well-balanced diet.


A Singlemoon

Honeymoons are so last year. Give your friend something to be excited about and organize a “singlemoon” for her instead!

Is there somewhere she’d always wanted to go, a dream destination? Now’s the time to make it a reality. Some ideas are:

  • Alaska
  • France
  • Maine
  • Mount Kilimanjaro

Sandals, Club Med, and Trusted Adventures are all great places to look.

However, you don’t have to take the single part of the trip too literally; they don’t have to take the journey alone. If you think a lonely vacation could make things worse, book a second ticket for a friend of her choice, too.

Bottom line

Even if you started off as a divorce party skeptic, this list has hopefully got you excited about how much fun the event can be. Cheering up your friend during a difficult time while providing her with gifts that will genuinely help her to get through the situation – what’s not to like?

Even if you decide against clubbing together with other friends to purchase a group present, make sure the other guests understand the reasoning behind buying gifts and don’t turn up empty-handed.

But divorce parties aren’t just about the presents. Make sure your friend has a fantastic time to help her look forward to a fresh start in life. Check out our blog to help you create the right atmosphere and throw an event to remember!

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