The top ten ways to celebrate a friend’s divorce

celebrate a friend's divorce

The sad fact is that more and more marriages are ending in divorce these days, but divorce doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In fact, it can be an empowering life-event that marks the start of brand new beginnings.

Some people may think it’s crass and tacky to celebrate the end of a marriage, but the truth is that divorces can be extremely stressful, and celebrating can be a great way to relax and blow off steam.

The great thing about celebrating your friend’s divorce is that you can adapt the celebration to fit their own personal style. Whether they are the life and soul of the party or a little more quiet and reserved, there are so many different things you can do to help your buddy commemorate this milestone event.

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the top ten ways you can celebrate your friend getting ‘un-hitched’, from the party to end all parties, through to relaxing with pizza and movies!

Here’s a handy hint  – you can use these suggestions to throw your very own divorce celebration too!

In the last forty years, divorce rates around the world have doubled.

  1. Throw an awesome divorce partyOpens in a new tab. for your friend

The amount of divorce parties taking place is growing year on year, and the great thing is that you can customize your friend’s party to their own particular tastes.

Want to throw an alternative to a bachelor or bachelorette party? Go for it! Want to whisk the ex-bride or groom away to celebrate in a different location? Do it! Want to rent a karaoke room out in your nearest city and sing out at the top of your lungs all night long? There is nothing out there to stop you!

If your friend and their spouse separated on good terms and don’t want their friends to pick sides, there is nothing to stop you throwing them a joint party!

No matter what you end up doing, a divorce partyOpens in a new tab. can be a fantastic way to blow off some steam and toast the brand new beginnings that divorce can bring.

  1. Help them do something that their ex absolutely hated

A divorce is a perfect opportunity to celebrate by doing something that your friend’s ex didn’t like, whether it is something completely life-altering or something small.

For example, did your friend’s ex not like the pair of you going to basketball games together? Treat your pal to the best ringside seats money can buy.

Did your pal’s ex hate Mexican foodOpens in a new tab. with a passion? Celebrate by taking your friend out for tacos (and keep those margaritas flowing!)

Did your friend’s ex not want them to dye their hair blue? Run down to the pharmacy, pick up some hair dye and help colour your friend’s hair the shade of their dreams!

Was your buddy’s ex allergic to animals, but was it your friend’s dream to have a pet of their very own? Take your friend to the animal shelter and help them pick out a new furry companion!

  1. Organise a special dinner party for your friend

Not all divorce parties have to be massive events. If you want to throw your friend something a little more low key, a dinner party is a perfect choice. Food, wine, music and fun… what’s not to like?

If you want to throw the party at home, make your friend all of their favourite dishes as well as some delicious cocktails. If you are on a budget, you could even throw a ‘pot luck’ party where everyone who is invited has to bring a dish.

You can round off the dinner party with a delicious divorce cake!

If you’re not much of a chef, or if you want to save on the washing up, why not hold the dinner party at your friend’s favourite restaurant? Call the restaurant beforehand to see if they are happy to let you decorate with balloons and streamers!

  1. Have a bonfire and get rid of the past

As the biblical saying goes, fire can be cleansing.

Burning all the possessions that remind your friend of their marriage, including photos, letters and cards can help them make a fresh start. Make an evening of it in the garden, perhaps with a barbeque, some beers and fireworks after the flames have died down and the sky has gone dark.

Remember that fire is dangerous, so be sure to play it safe. Also, be sure that your friend is happy to burn their mementoes and make sure you do not burn any legal documents they might need later on like marriage certificates.

If your friend doesn’t want to burn any of their possessions, they could bury their wedding ring as an alternative. You can buy a wooden wedding ring coffin and bury it in the garden, under a tree in the park or even in the sand at the beach!

  1. Throw a sleepover party for your pal

Your friend may not have had had a slumber party since they were in fourth grade, but a sleepover is a fantastic way to them to kick back, relax and enjoy some gossip and fun-times with all of their buddies!

Treat you, the divorcee and your friends to some brand new pyjamas,  order in pizza and spend the evening putting on face masks and giving each other manicures and pedicures.

Once it’s got dark, light some candles, crack open the fizz, watch some mushy romantic comedies and stay up until the wee small hours talking and sharing your favourite memories.

  1. Give your friend a makeover!

New beginnings call for a new look, and a divorce is an excellent opportunity to help your friend update their style (if they’re happy to, that is).

Going for a fresh new look will give your friend a fantastic boost of confidence, especially if they want to get back into the dating game. Make a weekend of it and go for haircuts and beauty treatments, as well as shopping for some fabulous new clothes.

Is your friend looking for something a little more daring? Hold their hand as they get a brand new piercing or get a commemorative tattooOpens in a new tab. together to celebrate the start of a new era!

  1. Get your buddy on a dating site

If your friend is ready to get back into the dating game after their divorce, why not help them set up a profile on their dating site of choice?

Help them take some awesome photos (especially if they have just had a makeover!) and tell them about all of their best qualities so they can answer the questions on their new profile.

Once you’ve hit the big ‘save’ button, sit back, celebrate with a well-deserved beer and wait for all of those dating requests to roll in!

  1. Dye your friend’s wedding clothes and go out on the town

Does your friend have a beautiful wedding dress, suit or tie that they can’t bear to part with despite the divorce? Never fear, with a few simple modifications you can turn their wedding clothes into the ultimate party wear!

All you need is a bucket, a washing machine, some fabric dye and a little bit of patience! Make a day of it and enjoy some snacks and a glass or two of wine while the dye works its magic.

Once the dress or suit is good to go, your friend can wear it with pride when you go out for a fantastic night on the town.

  1. Treat your friend to a vacation to remember

Divorce can be a draining experience, so a holiday can be a great way to recharge your friend’s batteries and surround them with all of their loved ones.

Whether your friend wants to relax by the beach, enjoy snowboarding and après-ski in the mountains, do some sightseeing and shopping on a city break or just celebrate in a quiet cabin in the woods, there are a lot of different options to suit all tastes and budgets!

  1. Do… nothing?

Divorce is a very emotional process, and people react to it in very different ways.

It may be the case that your friend wants to be alone with their thoughts, or just wants someone who can listen to them talk without judgement. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is be there for your friend when they need you and offer your love and support.

The time will come when they have accepted the way things are and are ready for you to help them move on into the future with a wonderful celebration!

We hope this post has given you some inspiration in organising a celebration for your friend’s divorce. If you have arranged an awesome party for either your own or a loved one’s divorce, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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