Divorce party signature cocktail ideas

Signature cocktails? The way to go for divorce parties, from what I hear.

Huffington Post just posted “8 Cocktails to Toast Your Terrible Ex” and I have to say, I wish I’d thought of the “Banana Split,” not that I like bananas at all, just that it’s clever.

You can make a divorce party even more fun by having themed cocktails, a wine tasting and even drinks with funny names like-

  • The Divorce –
    3 oz Ginger Ale, 3 oz Wildberry Schnapps
  • Screw You –
    1 oz.Kahlua, 2 oz Strawberry Liqueur, 1 oz Vodka – serve with lime.
  • Sex On The Beach –
    0.5 full Cranberry juice, 0.75 oz. Peach Schnapps, 0.5 full Pineapple Juice, 1 oz. Vodka
  • What The Hell –
    1 oz. Hiram Walker Apricot Brandy, 1 oz. Gin, 1 dash Lemon juice, 1 oz. dry Vermouth
  • Kamikaze –
    1 oz Lime juice, 1 oz Hiram Walker Triple Sec, 1 oz Vodka
  • Cosmopolitan –
    1 oz Cointreau, 3 oz Cranberry juice, 0.5 oz Lemon juice, 1 slice Lime, 2 oz Vodka
  • Irish Car Bomb –
    1 pint Guinness Beer, 1 shot Bailey Irish Cream, 1 shot Jameson Rye / Whiskey
  • Redheaded Slut –
    1 splash Cranberry juice, 0.5 oz Peach Schnapps, 0.75 oz Jagermeister
  • Alabama Slammer –
    1 oz Hiram Walker Amaretto, 3 oz Orange juice, 1 oz Hiram Walker Sloe gin, 1 oz Southern Comfort
  • Slap A DA Balls –
    4 oz Lemonade, 2 oz lemon vodka, serve with
     2 balls of cantaloupe

If I were to drink one, I think I’d have a Rum Baby Rum. I might even have one, like, tonight. Just because.

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