Divorce Party Trends

Divorce Wedding Rings

Divorce rings have become a popular trend to signify the end of an unhealthy relationship. Divorce rings can have a break or groove in them; they are often not a full circle. Many jewellers carry divorce rings, which are also referred to as are transition rings, un engagement rings and sometimes the fuck you ring. Some people have their wedding ring redesigned for this purpose and even wear it on their middle finger. Divorce rings can offer comfort to the wearer that they have made the right decision for them and that they are committed to it. Some worry that wearing a divorce ring will cause them more grief. However, those that wear divorce rings have said of wearing the rings that they are better able to transition to their new lives and feel that it is empowering.

Divorce Wedding Ring Caskets

Less popular than the divorce ring is the divorce wedding ring casket which is also a new trend. This is literally a mini casket that houses a wedding ring and can be buried. The act of grieving a marriage and having a funeral for it is something some people find healing and the point of these products. There a a variety of companies that make them and they can be found easily online through search terms- wedding ring casket or wedding ring coffin.

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