The Divorce Party

Here are some divorce party ideas to get you started on thinking about whether you want it to be a more serious event or a fun one. Some couples choose to have divorce parties in hopes of easing those close to them into their new status as a divorced couple. Most divorce parties are focused on the individual in honouring their new freedom as an individual.

The Focus

The first thing that you will need to decide is what theme you want to have. The focus of any Divorce PartyOpens in a new tab. should be that of empowering the person getting divorced.

This should mean that no matter what theme is chosen, you should always focus on providing them with positively influenced support. The point of a divorce party is to facilitate healing, not to do things that will make them feel worse about themselves. We will cover some Do’s and Don’t further down this page.

When To Have A Divorce Party

It is always best to wait until the divorce is final. Up until that point, it is still up in the air as to what will happen from child custody issues, living arrangements and even a possible reconciliation. Make sure to respect the transitional and grieving process and have the party when it is time to focus on the next chapter of their lives.

The Divorce Party Theme

The tone of the party should be based on the comfort levels of the newly single. Some prefer a quiet girls night in, while others might prefer a wild release. Make sure that whatever the divorcée wants for a theme is what is done. This is not a party for the guests, rather it is for the guest of honor and consulting with them will be important. That is why this should not be a surprise party.

Choose a theme based on what is a positive association for the new divorcée . Choose their favorite colors, style of music and even things like their favorite scented candles and foods. Here are some of the popular divorce themes.

The Divorce Party Guests

After a divorce, it may be tricky as to whom to inviteOpens in a new tab.. The best course of action is to make sure you ask the divorce as to whom they are comfortable with having and let the guests decide for themselves as to whether or not they are coming. Guests should all be people who care about the person getting divorce and who will bring a positive vibe to the party.

Make sure to avoid having children, especially the children of those getting divorced. It is not appropriate for them to have this emotional experience no matter the situation. This is about a party for the dissolution of a partnership not a family. Also avoid inviting work colleagues, unless they are very close friends as it is not a good idea to bring your dirty laundry into the office.

If you have a couples divorce party where both of the partners getting divorced attend, do not be surprised if not many guests show up. It is a scary proposition for many people to come to something that they may perceive as sad and painful. That is not to say that you should not have one, rather it is to be realistic and understanding of those guests that feel it is just too much for them to deal with emotionally. One tip may be to send an invitation that is from the both of you and explain what the focus will be with a positive message encouraging people to come and support you both during this life change.

Ultimately the guest list should be up to the new divorcée based on their comfort levels for cutting lose in front of specific guests. After all, this is about letting go… not putting on social graces to impress.

Bring Gifts

It does not have to be a formal process such as a gift registry, but it should be something that the guests do. After all, this is one of the most stressful thing a person will do in their life and giving them a little gift is a nice gesture.

However, if a person lost many of their their possessions in the divorce, it can be beneficial to register. If you want to get them something like a sex toy, but are not sure what they would like you can always get them an adult gift card that allows them to choose.

Sexual Gifts

If you do decide to get the guest of honor a sex toy, make sure that it is nontoxic as there are many on the market today that contain phthalates which are not safe. Sex toys are not regulated as carefully by the FDA as they are classified as novelties. is one of the only sex toy companies online that offers only nontoxic products so that no matter what you purchase you know what you are getting is safe. They have all kinds of other products to pamper and a great deal of helpful information about sexuality for enhancing pleasure for the single gal as well as couples. For a mix of novelty gifts and safe sex toys along with party supplies, check out

Things To Avoid

  • Do not put down marriage in general, rather chalk it up to this just being something that was not right for the divorcée and focus more on the positive things they will focus on now.
  • Do not destroy the divorce papers, you may need those for legal purposes at some point.
  • Do not burn wedding pictures of anything that children of the divorce may want someday.
  • Do not make any attempts to prank the divorcée ‘s ex. This is a party of empowerment, not revenge.
  • Do not video tape or photograph this unless the divorcée requests it and do not share any pictures online or with anyone. This should be a private event and one that is for the experience, not the memories
  • Do not bring people to the party for the divorcée to hook up with. This is about celebrating independence, not a one night stand or date night.

Things To Do

Have a burning ceremony where the divorcée burns the marriage certificate or have the divorcée write down things they will not miss and want to say good-bye to and then burn it in a safe manner to symbolize letting go. If you cannot burn, you can bury, flush or even shred.

  • Play fun, empowering music with good divorce themes.
  • Pay fun games that encourage laughter. See adult party games.

Divorce Party Trends 

Divorce Wedding Rings

Divorce rings have become a popular trend to signify the end of a unhealthy relationship. Divorce rings can have a break or groove in them; they are often not a full circle. Many jewelers carry divorce rings, which are also referred to as are transition rings, unengagement rings and sometimes the fuck you ring. Some people have their wedding ring redesigned for this purpose and even wear it on their middle finger. Divorce rings can offer comfort to the wearer that they have made the right decision for them and that they are committed to it. Some worry that wearing a divorce ring will cause them more grief. However, those that wear divorce rings have said of wearing the rings that they are better able to transition to their new lives and feel that it is empowering.

Divorce Wedding Ring Caskets

Less popular than the divorce ring is the divorce wedding ring casket which is also a new trend. This is literally a mini casket that houses a wedding ring and can be buried. The act of grieving a marriage and having a funeral for it is something some people find healing and the point of these products. There a variety of companies that make them and they can be found easily online through search terms- wedding ring casket or wedding ring coffin.

Have Fun With Divorce Parties

Most divorce parties are with all one sex and are similar to bachelor or bachelorette parties in that they are silly and wildly focused on sex. This is the most popular way to celebrate a divorce and is great for letting off some steam. Make sure to see some of the divorce party suggestions that we have in regard to the mild to the wild on our Divorce Party Supplies page. No matter what the party should have rejuvenating effect.

Divorce Party Supplies

We offer you a variety of resources for your divorce party. Below are recommended divorce party supplies that we highly recommend along with coupon information on how to get the lowest prices! Choose from divorce party supplies such as – divorce party invitations, divorce party decorations such as the Divorce Diva theme. Explore how to pick the perfect divorce party cakeOpens in a new tab., divorce party favours and divorce party theme.

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