Divorce registries: Why not?

Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie’s mad because she is constantly buying wedding and baby shower gifts, but as a single girl, she feels she’ll never be repaid, so she wonders, after graduation, when do single gals ever get presents? (Starts at 8:58 here.) As my Self-Counsel publicist said, the idea of a divorce party is along the same lines … why shouldn’t you celebrate being single again? People celebrate everything else!

Anyway, I hear Demi Moore is rumoured to be throwing a divorce partyOpens in a new tab. soon and apparently she has signed up for a registry. I think that is an awesome idea. Why would you want stuff around that, say, someone gave you for your wedding? It would just remind you of your ex. Get yourself a divorce partyOpens in a new tab. registry and get some new stuff. And then get rid of that old stuff that reminds you of the ex on Dreams Recycled.

Happy gifting and registry shopping!

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