More divorce party ideas

In the past year alone, the Web has blown up with articles and posts talking about divorce parties; most of these sites are offering links to party supply stores but no actual ideas. Supplies are great and you may well need them, but maybe first you’d like to figure out what kind of divorce party to throw, right? Because who needs paper plates that say JUST DIVORCED if you’re throwing a divorce party trip to Vegas with your buddies, or a classy restaurant do? Figure out the style of the party first, and whether you want a theme other than “divorce party.”

So, without further ado, some more divorce partyOpens in a new tab. ideas (and if this is the first time you’re visiting, then know that you’ll also find divorce party ideas in previous posts such as Your divorce party questions answered: Ideas, themes, more! and Divorce partyOpens in a new tab. ideas and of course in the ebook How to Throw the Ultimate Divorce Party, available pretty much wherever you buy ebooks (Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Nook, etc.), or via the book image to the right of this page.

Some slogans:

  • Free at last!
  • Single and ready to mingle
  • Ditched the Bitch
  • Axed the Ex

Some locations for all kinds of budgets:

  • Las Vegas
  • A fancy cocktail bar (or a dive bar, if that’s more your style)
  • A backyard summer luau

Some ideas for refreshments (choose items that fit your theme; make it a play on words!)

  • Ale-imony
  • Split pea soup
  • Freedom fries (to put a different spin on ’em)

More divorce party ideas to come. Let me know what you come up with too; share it in the comments or drop me a line!

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