Popular Divorce Party Theme Names

Popular Divorce Party Theme Names

Getting a divorce is never a sweet experience, even if it is for the best and it ends amicably with both parties. Whether your divorce was messy and volatile or smooth and easy with few feelings hurt, having a divorce party can be a fun way to lift your spirits after what’s done is done. Divorce parties have become more and more popular in recent years, especially divorce parties with themes. If you’re looking to have a hot divorce partyOpens in a new tab., here are some unique and different divorce party theme names to consider as you are planning.


When Life Gives You Lemons

When you got divorced, life was definitely giving you lemons. However, at your divorce partyOpens in a new tab., it should be all about making lemonade! Serve lemonade at your party, spiked or un-spiked, and invest in some cute lemon-themed decorations for the venue. You can even serve a lemon-flavored divorce cakeOpens in a new tab. or delicate lemon tarte for dessert.


What Happens in Vegas

Another popular divorce party theme is one that is “set” in Las Vegas, whether you actually choose a location in Vegas for your party or not. You can create a makeshift casino wherever you’re partying, with plenty of slot machines and poker tables to go around. Encourage your guests to dress for a ritzy cocktail-style Las Vegas party: suits, cocktail dresses, and high, high heels. Make sure the liquor flows with plenty of martinis and gin and tonics to loosen up your guests as they gamble the night away.


All the Single Ladies

After you’ve ditched your partner, you’re likely feeling some complex emotions, but one of them should be freedom. Grab all the single ladies in your life for a night that only a single woman can have: dancing, clubs, strippers, and plenty of girl time. You can also play this theme in a relaxed manner, and just have your gal pals over to your home for some wine and chick flicks or a fun game of trivia.


Happy Trails Western

Say adios to your marriage with a Western-style “Happy Trails” themed divorce party. Encourage your guests to wear their best cowboy or cowgirl garb and get ready for a night of square dancing, sarsaparilla drinking, and celebrating your freedom with a cowboy mentality. So, inviteOpens in a new tab. all your best cowpokes and raise a glass as you (metaphorically) ride off into the sunset.


Honeymoon Re-Do Party

If you’re regretting all of the time you spent in an unhappy marriage with your ex, a honeymoon re-do party may be just what the doctor ordered. Try to recreate wherever you went on your honeymoon with a travel theme that matches. For instance, if you went to Hawaii, you may want to recreate the ambience with tiki torches, grass skirts, leis, limbo, and plenty of Mai Tai’s to go around. You could even consider serving a traditional luau meal.


No matter what the reason was for your divorce, you can take a breath of relaxing fresh air knowing that it is over. Consider one of the above themes for your divorce party that will help you put closure on the event of ending your marriage and bring you closer to your friends.

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