Fun Things to Do to Celebrate a Divorce

Celebrate a Divorce

Divorce is usually the result of a toxic relationship, two people growing apart, or merely a loveless marriage. Regardless of the reason for it, it is one of the most challenging times one may face in life. To overcome this experience, we have divorce parties in place.

The purpose of the party is to open another page of life for the new singles. Divorce partiesOpens in a new tab. put all your experiences behind you to give you a new life.

Divorce is a journey that is hard to walk alone. The emotions vary depending on how long you have been together and all the experiences that you shared. At some point when you were undergoing a difficult time in your marriage, you may have consulted with your friend(s) for opinions. A divorce partyOpens in a new tab. allows you to celebrate with the friends who have been with you throughout the journey. This is the right time to thank them.

Below are common and fun ways to celebrate divorce:

Share Positive Intentions

Attendees are close friends who have seen you through the journey. Give each of them a chance to offer their good wishes to you. This is not advice but words of encouragement that will boost your self-esteem and help you move on faster.

This is done in various ways depending on what you prefer and the setting. It can be verbs written by the guests during the party. To make it more fun, tell them to write their blessings the day before the party. Collect them and maybe make them into a booklet. Have the book available to read during the party for a fun experience. The booklet will encourage you anytime you have memories of your past relationship.

Verbal is not a bad method either; give each of your friends a few minutes during the party to provide you with their blessings (power of the tongue). You can decide to have the two, written and verbal; after all, it is your party.

Ditch Any Symbol of Your Relationship

During a marriage, there is always something that reminds you of your partner. Ditching this item helps you to put that memory behind you. If it is a dress, toss it into a bonfire during the party. Do this without regrets.
As for the ring, you can bury it deep in the ground or throw it into the sea or ocean. The idea is to never see it again. If you are burying it, dig a deep hole away from your premises.

Make a Signature Cocktail

Gather all the ingredients you need to make a cocktail during the party. Remember, this is not an ordinary cocktail but a signature cocktail. It should be unique and exciting. Make it as memorable as possible for you and your guests.
Make fun of the cocktail and give it an exciting name about the situation. You can call it “Gin and Tonic.” To spice things up, sing karaoke and belt out your heart.

Adopt a Dog

A divorce means you are going to be single again, but you don’t have to be lonely in the house. Going back to live with your parents should never be an option. Pets, especially dogs, provide good company. Most people prefer dogs because they are playful and easy to teach new and exciting tricks. Your dog will never hurt you, no matter what. If you don’t have one, after a divorce is the perfect time to get one.

Be with your dog as you plan your life again. Make this more interesting by giving your dog a memorable name.

Throw a Divorce Shower

We have baby and bridal showers. So why not have a divorce shower? During a baby or bridal shower, friends play games, drink, and do fun stuff. After completing a divorce, inviteOpens in a new tab. your friends over to have some quality time together. Play games, drink, dance, go crazy. You can even have a divorce cake.

Create a Vision Board

Divorce gives you another chance to plan your life. Marriages or relationships sometimes compromise our dreams and desires. Now that you are on your own, it is time to fulfil your goals and desires without compromising on anything.
Get creative and make poster boards or scrapbooks from photos cut out from magazines. Think about the next skills you want to learn, hobbies, vacations, and anything you wish to accomplish. Create a vision board or book highlighting your plans.

Watch Movies or Listen to Music

Celebrating a divorce is not all about partying. Watching movies is another way to keep your mind and heart relaxed. Choose heart-warming romantic comedies, empowering stories, or relatable movies. You can do this with your close friends, but you should not be alone.

You can also watch testimonials of successful individuals after their divorces. This will encourage and inspire you towards greatness. Getting information right from the person who has experienced what you are experiencing is so motivating.

Music is another way to deal with traumatic experiences. Most of the time, divorce may be traumatic, especially if it took a long time to complete. After such an experience, your mind needs to relax before getting back to the drawing board. Until then, use soft and heart-warming music.

Change Your Surroundings

Change of environment is important after a divorce. If possible, relocate permanently. Memories are built over time, and it takes a substantial amount of time to erase them. Healing from a divorce may be more difficult if you and your partner are still living in the same apartment.

Find a unique venue, throw a big party, and stay in that place for some time. Throwing a bash in the apartment you lived in prior to your divorce may make it uncomfortable with all of the old memories present. If you wish to remain in the same apartment, that is okay, but host the bash in another place.

Choose an open space like a museum, lounge, restaurant, outdoor garden, or mansion. You can also select an area with a pool or a fireplace, especially if you want to toss your wedding dress into a fire.

Focus on Self-Care

The best way to celebrate a divorce is by treating yourself right. After winning such a battle, focus on how to get better. You can change your hairstyle, nails, and wardrobe.

While you’re in a relationship or marriage, there may be a lot of limitations to your overall outlook on life, but after a divorce, you are free to do anything. This is a time of liberation: do whatever you wished to do but had no chance to do it before. Be at your best and look better than you did in your past. This is not a way to show off, but a way to celebrate your history and invite in the future.

Party Like a Bachelorette

Bachelorette parties are immemorial. A bachelorette party is like a “night club party” with plenty of freedom. It sometimes includes hiring exotic dancers and singers to entertain a bride during a pre-wedding ceremony. After a divorce, you become single again and more like a bachelorette.

During such a party, organize a boudoir photoshoot to boost everyone’s confidence. Play games like Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare. The games are intended to drive away any sombre mood.


Etiquette is essential during your divorce party. You should be focused ahead instead of dwelling on the past. Mocking your former partner will make you hurt for a longer time. In some cases, you may have kids with this partner, and that should not be forgotten.
A divorce party can be 100% positive in nature. To achieve this, invite friends in your inner circle or only those that understand your divorce journey.

No matter the reason for the divorce, keep the party simple and not sombre. Remember, you are not mourning but celebrating. The cakeOpens in a new tab. and drinks should help you heal faster and proceed with your life. For example, if you’ve endured a bitter experience, lemonade and lemon-flavoured cake will do wonders for you.

The way you celebrate your divorce may not necessarily be the same as your friends. Human beings are dynamic and diverse. Decide on what works best for you, and move in that direction. Create new memories.

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