Divorce ceremonies: A party alternative?

Divorce ceremonies are an increasingly popular alternative to divorce parties. They are a way of marking the end of a marriage and the beginning of the rest of your life. They do them in Japan, and in North America too! (I’m guessing they do them elsewhere as well, I just haven’t seen as much information on them elsewhere yet.)

They’re more formal than your average divorce partyOpens in a new tab., and involve a celebrant (as you involved a celebrant or minister in your marriage). They aren’t necessarily a celebration (though they can be); they are most definitely a way of marking a major life transition and making it official.

I interviewed two celebrants who perform these divorce ceremonies for my ebook; one of them, Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant, was recently profiled in the North Shore News. (More on her and what she does in my book.)

I’ve met more people who have thrown or say they would throw a divorce partyOpens in a new tab. than a divorce ceremony, but the popularity of the ceremony-style gathering is growing too. I guess some people would find it more satisfying? What about you? Which would you prefer, if you were going to throw one?

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