January may be divorce (party) month

A lot of divorces are filed for in January. It seems people hold on through the holidays, one last time, before committing to de-commit … (or is it that the holidays are stressful enough and a relationship that is on its way out may not be able to last through that kind of tough season)?

If this new year finds you celebrating a new you and a new life post marriage, you may need something to focus on to get through the dark days. Keep your eye on something just for you that you can have when all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, such as a vacation you’ve always wanted to take or something you were never able to do when in the old relationship.

Of course, I suggest a divorce partyOpens in a new tab., as there are an infinite number of inexpensive (or expensive, if you prefer) ways celebrate or just acknowledge your newfound self. Maybe you can’t afford to go to Jamaica, but you could throw a beach picnic in your living room with fake palm trees, leis, and friends in bathing suits, toasting your freedom with margaritas while reggae plays on the stereo. You can be creative and do something you’d never do before divorce!

(I can’t wait to see which celebrities throw divorce partiesOpens in a new tab. this year … maybe Jessica Simpson’s mom Tina? Or maybe Kim Kardashian will, when she’s finally free from Kris Humphries and free to marry Kanye West? So many possibilities.)

Happy new year, and I hope your party brings you happiness!

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