New Beginnings Tattoo | Divorce Tattoo

New Beginnings Tattoo | Divorce Tattoo

Divorce Tattoos Are a Thing

Not only are divorce tattoos a legitimate practice but they are getting increasingly more popular. Divorce rates have always been high, especially in North America. An estimated 90% of people are married by the age of 50. However, upwards of 48% of marriages end in divorce by the twentieth anniversary and 20% of marriages don’t even make it through the first 5 years. With these statistics, it is no wonder why some people would want a tattoo, whether it be for comfort, to preserve a memory or to forget one. Divorce tattoos are definitely a thing!

Why are people getting Divorce Tattoos?

Depending on your situation, a divorce tattoo may seem a little unorthodox, as a tattoo can be a constant, depressing reminder of a painful separation. However, for some, a tattoo might be just what they need to attain proper closure, allowing them to move on to bigger and better things. This is especially true if you got a wedding, couple or matching tattoo with your ex in the past. There is nothing worse than finding true love again down the road, only for them to discover your ex’s name tattooed on your chest.

A divorce tattoo, whether new ink or a coverup, can be a positive souvenir of an otherwise negative experience. Uplifting quotes are especially popular among men and women alike, as self-doubt can (and will) take over your logical thinking at some point. A divorce is an obvious sign of discontent in a marriage but humans have a way of remembering the good times and forgetting the bad. Quotes, symbolic images and meaningful representations can be a good way to keep yourself focused and grounded.

Which Tattoo Symbols and Imagery Represent New Beginnings?

Certain images and icons can have a symbolic meaning and represent a certain phase in your life or emotion you are feeling in the moment. Change, rebirth and new beginnings are often represented by the following designs.

  1. Lotus Flower – Lotus flowers are a beautiful symbol for spiritual evolution and personal growth. This symbol is often found in many Eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism and is a representation of connection between mind, body and soul. A lotus flower is famous for its ability to flourish through unfavorable conditions and, when reaching the top of all the muck and grime it had to grow through, it bloomed into a beautiful lotus flower. That is the ultimate portrayal of new beginnings, strength and freedom.


  1. Phoenix – A phoenix is an excellent symbol for representing rebirth and new beginnings. This is because of the legend of the phoenix, which explain the lifecycle of the rare and mystical bird. When dying, they burst into flames, where they leave nothing but ash behind. There, they are reborn from the very ash that once made up their old self. Going through a divorce is incredibly difficult hardship but, once all is said and done, you will be reborn into your new (and improved) self.


  1. Caterpillar/Cocoon/Butterfly – Whether used singularly or in combination, the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is an excellent subject for a new beginnings tattoo, as it represents rebirth, inner (and outer) transformation and an overall celebration of life.


 Divorce Ring Finger Tattoos

Marriage and tattoos are similar in the regard that they are expected to a last a lifetime…right?

Gold and diamond wedding rings are a popular choice among couples, but some in the past have opted for a tattooed wedding band! This is a very unique choice and a literal lifetime commitment.

Others have opted for getting a ring tattooed on their ring finger (usually on the right hand) to remind them of past mistakes that they do not want to repeat. There is definitely irony and humor in this act since it intentionally looks like a symbol of love when really it is quite the opposite.


Tattoos to Get After a Break-up

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, whether artistically or emotionally. Many get tattoos simply because they like the aesthetic, and that’s perfectly okay! However, many choose to get tattooed in order to represent something meaningful in their lives, whether it is a non-tangible item or a person they feel are close to heart. Divorce tattoos are no different and there are definitely certain imagery that can best represent the beginning of something new and exciting.

  1. Feather/Bird/Gilded Cage – These images symbolize freedom, new beginnings and moving on. Often, the art involves a bird flying out of a cage, a feather floating solitarily or broken gilded enclosures. This also implies you felt trapped, like a bird in a cage, and you have now broken free of your confinements. Although tattoos do not have a gender and anyone is free to tattoo whatever they please, these icons are more often worn by women, as they have a soft, feminine quality about them.


  1. Deep Quotes – Deep quotes, whether from a book, poem, television show or song, can be good reminders for when you are feeling self-doubt or loneliness and is an excellent choice for a divorce tattoo. It can also be a good representation of your past self and lessons learned. “Meaningful tattoos” means something different to everyone, and quotes are especially personal touches. So, certain phrases or lyrics can definitely help with your new outlook on life!


  1. Flowers/Greenery – Budding flowers and bright green leaves are great representations of growth and development. A divorce can be a detrimental time for you and those around you, and starting a new life can seem impossible, especially after many years of marriage. Old habits die hard and it can feel overwhelming to try and grow in your current environment. However, as flowers and plants go dormant in the winter, they will eventually regrow, budding and then eventually blooming, as you inevitably will. This type of imagery can be very uplifting and positive to have tattooed on your body and is a popular choice for cover-ups as well.


  1. Powerful Animal A strong animal, such as a lion, tiger or bear (oh my!) are a great way to boost your confidence. They represent strength, bravery and daring, all traits that are needed during and after a divorce. These types of tattoos are popular with men, though they look beautiful and empowering on women as well.


  1. Cover-Ups/Reworks Cover-ups are very popular among break-ups, whether you were married or not. This is because people insist on getting matching tattoos with their significant other or their names tattooed on each other’s bodies. This is a cute idea in theory but a terrible idea in practice, as these tattoos often end in regret, especially among divorcees. When covering couple tattoos, people like to get various symbols that represent freedom, new beginnings, mending hearts or just general celebrations of life. This depends completely on the individual and their personal situations.


Reworks of old tattoos are widely common as well, since many want to preserve a memory by making it look nicer or done better in general. A rework of an old tattoo can really improve your confidence, all while preserving a precious memory.

Whatever your reason for getting tattooed (or divorced, for that matter), it is surely exclusive to each and every person. However, the meaning and symbolism behind each artfully done piece can help you discover yourself again and thrust you into new beginnings, with self-confidence and good humor. Divorce tattoos are a fun and unique way to turn something negative into something ultimately positive!

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