Update on Divorce Party Trends for 2020

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Birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, and wedding trends are constantly evolving, especially now more than ever due to the heavy influence of social media. People want celebrations that are creative, memorable, and unique, and you can search virtually anywhere online for some party inspiration. The same can be said and done for divorce parties.

Even if you have never really heard much about divorce partiesOpens in a new tab., you can still find some ideas online that will keep you up to date with the latest divorce party trends. To make your search a little easier, check out the list below for some of the hottest trends for throwing divorce parties in 2020.

Latest divorce party trends

” Themed parties
” Games & activities
CakeOpens in a new tab. & other sweet treats
” Cocktails
” Coordinating outfits
” Divorce registries

Themed parties for any occasion are always super popular, and they are an even greater way to celebrate your new single life. Jeannie Mai, one of the hosts for the popular American talk show “The Real,” shared all her ideas for her divorce partyOpens in a new tab.. Mai says that her theme would be “eat, drink and remarry” to let everyone know that she is ready to start dating again. She also talked about the importance of having a beautiful cake that would say “wife goes on,” a cheeky play on the phrase “life goes on” to signify that she’s ready to move past her divorce.

Additionally, Mai toyed with the idea of having a pinata filled with sweet treats. But, perhaps her most popular idea was the game called “trash my dress” in which her and her party guests would rip up and tear her wedding dress to make homemade confetti. If Mai’s party sounds like something you’d be interested in, then throw yourself a party with games, cake, and a wedding dress to be perfectly on par with some of this year’s most popular divorce party trends.

Yet, going out to a bar to celebrate your annulment is just as trendy as having a party at your house. A popular cocktail bar in McAllen, Texas, Love Buzz, is a hotspot for divorce parties. Love Buzz posted a photo on their Instagram page of a group celebrating their friends’ divorce. In the photo, one woman is wearing a shirt that says “just divorced” while the others wear “divorce support” with a sign that says “thank u nxt” behind them. Smiles all around, the caption reads “getting divorced sucks, being divorce doesn’t”.

This is just one of the many examples in the latest trends for divorce parties that involve cocktails, coordination, and a creative spin in thanking those who were by your side during the divorce process. It’s safe to say that throwing your separation celebration at your favorite bar is a great and fun way to commemorate this new chapter in your life all while being thankful towards those who have supported you throughout the way.

Perhaps the reason as to why this trend is so popular is because most people just turn their regular girls/guys night out into a divorce party. What’s more is that people are making the occasion even more special with coordinating outfits that go with their theme!

So, if you think the coordinating outfits are a catchy idea, wait till you hear about what a group of friends did when one of them got divorced. The day that Nicole Niesner’s divorce was finalized, her best friends showed up in their wedding dresses as a tribute to Niesner’s old life as a married woman. The wedding dresses were actually inspired by an old Friends episode respectively called “The One With All The Wedding Dresses” where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are all sitting on a couch wearing wedding dresses to help cheer up Rachel.

Rachel didn’t actually get divorced nor was she even married in this episode, but Niesner’s friends sure did a good job in making her divorce less difficult by showing their solidarity. Imaginative and supportive, coordinating outfits are a popular trend when it comes to divorce parties. After all, it’s important to feel close to your support group after a big life change, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make some matching t-shirts for your divorce celebration.

Another hot trend are divorce registries. Glamour magazine writer, Tanya Edwards argues that “divorce means dividing that shared life in two and, sometimes, starting from scratch solo if your partner takes a chunk of the household necessities can get pricey fast,” highlighting that divorce registries help overcome the financial barrier one could potentially face after a separation (2018).

Going back to one of our prime examples, Jeannie Mai’s co-hosts talked about creating a divorce registry of the things that they think Mai might need in this new chapter of her life. One of her co-hosts, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, said that Mai should throw away everything related to her 10 year marriage in order to “revamp” herself.

Think baby shower but instead of getting gifts and essential items for your upcoming baby, you’re getting everything you’ll need to feel prepared for your brand-new start as a single woman/man. Divorce registries are such a popular trend when it comes to divorce parties because your entire celebration can be centered around showcasing off your new gifts and thanking those who got them for you!

Of course, a lot has changed in this past year. It’s hard to plan a party with those who you love and care for in the middle of a global pandemic. Yet, quarantine hasn’t stopped millions of people from throwing birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and even weddings all while respecting social distancing measures.

Earlier this year, Wirecutter wrote an article called “14 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas” which listed a variety of fun and creative ways to celebrate special occasions safely. While the article shares ideas for birthday parties, you can easily pull some inspiration from the list to create a safe and socially distanced divorce party. Some great ideas for a divorce celebration drawn from the article are video chatting with friends and family or streaming a movie virtually.

As mentioned previously, a major trend in divorce celebrations is having a theme. Themed divorce parties are totally doable whether you decide to throw your party over a video chatting platform. A great idea would be hosting a virtual happy hour with some of your closest friends to commemorate the finalization of the divorce process. After all, cocktails with your support group is a popular trend when it comes to divorce parties.

You can even get creative and plan some games to play together virtually so that way everyone can attend your divorce party from the safety of their own home. Another popular trend with virtual birthday parties is creating a conference call so that everyone can follow a cooking video synchronously. This is a fabulous way to incorporate sweet treats into your divorce party activities as cakes with clever sayings are trendy divorce celebration ideas. The most important thing to remember is that being safe and having fun are totally possible and practical amid a global pandemic.

Keeping up with the latest divorce party trends might not be as easy as keeping up with other party trends. Yet, divorce celebration trends are constantly changing and are only getting exceedingly creative and interesting as they become more and more popular! Whether your divorce party is a cheeky imitation of your previous wedding or is a complete reinvention of your new future, planning your divorce celebration with inspiration from some of the latest, hottest party trends will guarantee a memorable experience. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for new

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