Who to invite to a divorce party

After a divorce, it may be tricky as to who to invite to your divorce party. The best course of action is to make sure you ask the divorcee as to whom they are comfortable with having and let the guests decide for themselves as to whether or not they are coming. Guests should all be people who care about the person getting divorce and who will bring a positive vibe to the party.

Make sure to avoid having children, especially the children of those getting divorced. It is not appropriate for them to have this emotional experience no matter the situation. This is about a party for the dissolution of a partnership not a family. Also avoid inviting work colleagues, unless they are very close friends as it is not a good idea to bring your dirty laundry into the office.

If you have a couples divorce partyOpens in a new tab. where both of the partners getting divorced attend, do not be surprised if not many guests show up. It is a scary proposition for many people to come to something that they may perceive as sad and painful. That is not to say that you should not have one, rather it is to be realistic and understanding of those guests that feel it is just too much for them to deal with emotionally. One tip may be to send an invitation that is from the both of you and explain what the focus will be with a positive message encouraging people to come and support you both during this life change.

Ultimately the guest list should be up to the new divorcĂ©e based on their comfort levels for cutting lose in front of specific guests. After all, this is about letting go… not putting on social graces to impress.

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